Kristen Oliphant

Digital Marketing Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, enhancing client’s digital performance, and devoted to building meaningful personal relationships.

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Armina Fareed

Management Graduate and Digital Marketing Consultant with 10 years of experience in marketing. I am a data driven search enthusiast managing organic search, paid search, and paid social for B2B and B2C.

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Lindsay Lewin

I'm an outgoing salesperson with a passion for solving problems. I love meeting new people and getting creative in coming up with solutions, both with clients and internal teams. I am newer to the digital marketing world, and am eager to delve further into this community! Outside of the office,

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Lindsey McAndrews

For the last 15 years, I have been working on all things related to digital marketing, but specifically focused on paid. I love to see when clients find the potential in a variety of different channels to grow their business and reach new audiences. I have been with Search Nurture

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Diana Aldea

Hardworking creativity-driven marketer & advertising specialist. With 6 years of hands-on experience in developing and implementing marketing strategies, and 4 years of experience working for Amazon Sellers worldwide, I am still learning, growing, and allowing myself to say yes to new challenges every day!

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Abby Webb

I’m an ads manager and SEO copywriter from Essex, and part of the Base Creative team as a Senior Search & Content Consultant. My background is in copywriting, content, and paid search campaigns, and I love helping businesses achieve their goals through their ad campaigns.

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Angeliki Zeaki

Experienced Product Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry.

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Catherine Napoli

Catherine is a digital marketer who works alongside start-ups and Fortune 500 companies alike. She has worked as a strategist to develop and launch successful paid media and influencer marketing campaigns, as well as help build and restore brands. Some of Catherine’s past clients include Pfizer, AIPAC, GE Appliances, Proximo

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Oana Padurariu

After finishing University, I discovered the world of Digital advertising and fell in love with the world of Amazon PPC in 2016. I had the luck of joining an incredible team of Amazon experts, mainly strong and smart women, over a year ago. Working with Cartology has allowed me to

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Jess Budde

I'm a Digital Marketing Manager at Cypress North and co-host of the weekly digital marketing news show, Marketing O’Clock, on the Search Engine Journal Podcast Network. I consider myself a generalist, working in paid search, paid social, display and SEO for a variety of clients.

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