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Women in PPC is a group of diverse PPCs who love the pay per click and search engine marketing industry, and who also understand that the industry is on an inclusion journey. We are dedicated to helping the industry on this journey, to reach the destination of an inclusive industry where all are treated fairly.

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Our Mission

We are Women in PPC.
We support women in the PPC industry.
We help our members achieve their goals.
We share our experiences, difficulties, and knowledge.
We help businesswomen and entrepreneurs in the PPC world.
We support and work with both our own network and the greater PPC community.
We focus on improvement, of our ourselves, of those around us, and our industry.
We build relationships with each other, growing simple relationships into deep ones.
We study and document the state of women in the PPC industry with the help of detailed surveys.
We are for all women of all ages, cultures, and groups.
We are Women in PPC.

The Scoop

Founding Circle

We are the women who are helping make this movement happen. Want to join? Drop us a note!

Maria Jose Gomez Martinez
Maria Jose Gomez MartinezSMDigital Partners
Strategic Account Manager — Digital Marketer — PPC
• PPC accounts managing experience with 6 figure number monthly budgets.
• PPC Planning, optimization & Media Strategic analysis.
• Improvement of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns (Increase conversions & lower CPA)
Karina Tama - Rutigliano
Karina Tama — RutiglianoSenior Care Clicks
With 8 years of experience in Digital Marketing, Karina is the CEO and Founder of Senior Care Clicks, a digital marketing agency that provides 360 marketing solutions to home care, assisted livings, nursing homes and other businesses that target seniors.
Leann Pickard
Leann PickardJuris Digital
Leann Pickard is the Director of Advertising at Juris Digital. Leann brings extensive PPC experience backed by a fundamental understanding of SEO, which all contribute to exceptional success for Juris Digital clients. With over 10 years running pay-per-click + social media and e‑commerce campaigns, she prides herself on optimizing campaigns so attorneys can sign more clients.
Eve Ihasz
Eve IhaszHellbent Digital, Inc.
Eve is the PPC analyst of Hellbent Digital, Inc., also a regular author on the DisplayAdsDeepDive blog.
In the last few years, she lived as a digital nomad on four different continents with her husband, mostly in South East Asia.
“I love to deep diving into lots of fields until I become an expert–like with running Google Ad campaigns.
Learning and experiencing new things is always an adventure and I’d never say no for a good one”, She likes to say.
Priscilla Victorin
Priscilla VictorinMKG Marketing
Proud Florida Atlantic University graduate of 2005 with over 14 years of marketing experience. While my passion lies in paid search, I’m a fan of SEO, analytics, and most recently, graphic design.
Tracy Valencia
Tracy ValenciaMWI Global Digital Marketing Agency
I have worked in the Advertising industry for 15 years, I jumped from Newspapers in 2014 to the Digital World and have loved learning and growing with each new platform or digital change. I was trained under the Google ads umbrella, and then self-taught in many other Platforms. I spend my days deep in the weeds of accounts, deep-diving into the Google Analytics data to identify new opportunities or decipher additional resources to provide the best services for our clients. 
Michelle Kop
Michelle KopLevel 28 Media
Michelle Kop is the Founder of Level 28 Media, a boutique, lead generation agency, based in Los Angeles, CA. She is an award-winning PPC lead generation expert who spent a decade of her career at leading ad agencies like Saatchi & Saatchi, [email protected], and Mindshare leading paid search strategies across Fortune Global 500 accounts. In her current role at Level 28 Media, she manages lead generation programs for clients across multiple paid advertising channels.
Chrissy Holleman
Chrissy HollemanProclaim Interactive
After graduating from Cal State East Bay, she worked as the Marketing Director of Grand Slam Tennis Tours before starting her own marketing company. She currently handles most PPC clients at Proclaim Interactive and helps with client strategies.
Christina De Leon
Christina De LeonDigital Position
Born and raised in Germany, Christina moved to the US to study Marketing & Communications and was first exposed to Google Ads during her graduate program at USC. She has been freelancing in the Digital marketing space and has in-house, as well as agency experience. 
Morgan Oakes
Morgan OakesMarcel Digital
Morgan has a penchant for numbers. She loves spreadsheets, reports, trends, forecasting, and optimizations. She’s built successful paid search campaigns but absolutely loves creating unique ways to reach customers at all points of their journey. She specializes in building audiences and experiences for different industries from healthcare to eCommerce to technology. She is always incorporating new advancements in the audience and ad technology to ensure clients stay in front of the competition.
Leila Najafzadeh
Leila NajafzadehWiideman
Experienced Digital Media/PPC Account Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the automotive and Medical/Healthcare industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Business Planning, Sales, Sales Management, and Public Speaking. Strong marketing professional with a Certification focused in marketing and paid advertising from UCLA Extension.
Dani Martindale
Dani MartindaleMannix Marketing
Dani Martindale is a Director of Digital Marketing at Mannix Marketing. She has 8 years of experience managing digital marketing strategies, SEO, social media, content marketing, and PPC- including certifications in both Google Analytics and Ads. Dani’s PPC experience includes search, display, video, and shopping for a variety of industries. When she is not helping clients get found on the web, Dani enjoys competing in barrel races and gymkhanas with her horses and exploring the outdoors with her dogs.
Elizabeth Girolamo
Elizabeth GirolamoBeacon Digital Marketing
Elizabeth brings her knowledge of branding and marketing strategy to the Digital Marketing Associate role with four years of experience in B2B and B2C advertising, data analysis, and content creation. She also has over six years of experience in sales. Elizabeth is passionate about ensuring client success by delivering tactical optimization and campaign efficiency for clients.
Ada Ameller González
Ada Ameller GonzálezAnuncia
Ada Ameller is a PPC specialist from Menorca, Spain, but she’s currently living in England. She has been doing PPC and content writing for almost five years.
In her free time, Ada loves reading and writing, also enjoys embroidering and traveling.
Jonti Bolles
Jonti BollesWhite Hat Ops
After a background in Finance, Architecture, and as an Assistant Professor, I migrated to digital teaching and began in SEO over 16 years ago. Currently still enamored with exploring the relationship between organic and paid search while working in various locations around the United States from our RV.
Claudia Chaudhari
Claudia ChaudhariEasy Design Solutions
CEO at Easy Design Solutions, CISSP, Former Corporate Leader Currently Loving Entrepreneurship, Wife and Soccer Mom. Claudia has a strong background in Computer Science, including an M.S. from James Madison University and extensive corporate experience. She enjoys hiking and spending quality time with her family. 
Alexandra Jewett
Alexandra JewettRight Left Agency
Alex is the founder and CEO of Right Left Agency, a digital marketing agency that specializes in helping small businesses and startups scale their online advertising. Previous to starting her agency, she worked in-house at a marketing agency and was the Digital Marketing Director for an eCommerce brand. She currently runs her agency and is also the CMO for a growing franchise called Pinspiration.
Jessica Dee
Jessica DeeReunion Marketing
I have a strong passion for digital marketing with over a decade dedicated to various marketing channels including paid media, paid social, digital marketing, sales, and management while providing direct leadership to marketers and business analysts. I pride myself on innovation and strategic marketing tactics to yield the best results for clients cross-vertical and cross-channel. I love what I do, the challenges presented with the ever-changing world of digital marketing, and strive to push myself to continuously be learning.
Kate Izell
Kate IzellIzell Marketing Group
Kate is the founder and CEO of Izell Marketing Group, a digital marketing agency in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She’s been working in PPC since 2011.
Alix Charles
Alix CharlesAlix Digital
Having worked in-house, freelance, and agency side, Alix has been a PPC geek for many years. Her passion for SEO and PPC has been the driving force behind setting up the Welsh digital marketing company Alix Digital. She specializes in helping businesses of all sizes get the digital marketing they deserve.
Angela Hill
Angela HillIncitrio
Angela is a 28-year marketing veteran with experience supporting brands within the US and abroad. She has taught at multiple universities and has run the award-winning branding agency, Incitrio, for over 17 years. She is actively involved in several local organizations to promote education and awareness for authentic, quality marketing delivered with integrity and transparency.
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