Want a Mentor to guide you in the PPC field? Want to share your experience with a Mentee?
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Why not make the most of having each other?

The Women in PPC movement was born as an initiative to have women supporting other women. We believe women supporting and guiding each other through our Mentorship Program is the first step on the journey that’s ahead of us.

The wholesome experience of achieving real growth with a female ally

Our Mentorship program is meant for those PPC experts that want to share and help a less experienced colleague in her way through this industry. Finding a Mentor/Mentee perfect match will lead to a very nurturing and productive bond that both of them can benefit and learn from.

Help someone through your PPC experience, become a Mentor

Sharing your career journey with a colleague and guiding their first steps can be a very rewarding experience for a professional. Why don’t you go ahead and get certified so you can become someone’s PPC guru?

Have a more experienced PPC paving the path for you

Who else other than an experienced PPC woman will be the adequate person to guide your steps? No one understands better than someone who’s already been there. Let us find the perfect Mentor for your needs.

Share your successes and struggles with our supporting community

In our Women In PPC Slack channel you, as the ones already there, will be able to share your journey, highlights, achievements and pretty much anything with the rest of the Women In PPC Community.

Interested? Here you’ll find all the information you need about the Women In PPC Mentorship Program.

Interested in becoming part of the program or just have a question? We’ll be happy to guide you!

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