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Alix Charles

CEO & Founder

Having worked in-house, freelance, and agency side, Alix has been a PPC geek for many years. Her passion for SEO and PPC has been the driving force behind setting up the Welsh digital marketing company Alix Digital. She specializes in helping businesses of all sizes get the digital marketing they deserve.

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Alix Digital

Alix Digital is a digital marketing company specializing in PPC and SEO services. It was set up to help businesses of all sizes to succeed with the digital marketing they deserve.

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Interview with Alix Charles

Let me introduce our next marvelous woman PPC, Alix Charles. She is the CEO and Founder of her marketing agency, Alix Digital. Her passion for the Pay-Per-Click Advertising industry is fascinating, please welcome Alix and her career story. 💕

I started my marketing career in-house after studying Arts Marketing at University and running several ‘passion projects’ on a freelance basis. Whilst working in-house I began to learn more about PPC (…)

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