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Chrissy Holleman

Marketing Director

After graduating from Cal State East Bay, she worked as the Marketing Director of Grand Slam Tennis Tours before starting her own marketing company. She currently handles most PPC clients at Proclaim Interactive and helps with client strategies.

Her Company

Proclaim Interactive

Honesty. Integrity. Value. To many these are theoretical concepts . . . for us they represent the foundation of our digital marketing business. Since 1999, we have satisfied thousands of clients through open communication and transparency. We also actively support several excellent charities that are inline with these values.

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Interview with Chrissy Holleman

Please welcome our next amazing woman, Chrissy Holleman, and her PPC career story! Chrissy is the Marketing Director of Proclaim Interactive. 🌻

I was running my one-woman-show “agency” until I was able to hire two part-time helpers. I was then approached with a client that needed converting traffic to their site (…)

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