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Gemma Renton

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Gemma is the founder of Vine Street Digital, an award-winning marketing agency specializing in Pay Per Click advertising. With over a decade of experience, she has helped hundreds of businesses worldwide with their online advertising. She also promotes a positive work/life balance and employs 100% of her staff on remote, flexible arrangements.

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Vine Street Digital

Vine Street Digital provides PPC advertising services to businesses big and small all over the world. Whether it’s advertising on search engines, social media, or anywhere across the web, our aim is to grow your business in a meaningful and sustainable way.

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Interview with Gemma Renton

Welcome our next amazing Women In PPC expert, straight from Brisbane, Australia. Let me introduce Gemma Renton! Gemma is the founder of Vine Street Digital. 🌻

I originally thought I was going to be a lawyer and so that’s what I started studying at university. I quickly realized that law bore me to tears and changed to Business Management. (…)

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