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Jade Bartholomew

CEO & Founder

Over 12 years of experience in establishing SEO and PPC strategies to help increase online sales for brands in the UK and internationally. Track-record in e‑commerce optimization, conversion rate optimization and excelled AdWords management. Experienced in delivering workshops and seminars to business leaders, small enterprises, and educational bodies.

Fun fact

Jade started her first Pay-Per-Click campaign when she was 17.

Her Company

Sierra Six Media

We deliver no-nonsense SEO and PPC campaigns to SME’s across the UK. We are accountable, transparent and ROI- driven and work to win.

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Interview with Jade Bartholomew

Our next amazing woman PPC expert, Jade Bartholomew started her first Pay-Per-Click campaign when she was 17. After 12 years of experience in SEO and PPC, Jade is the Managing Director and the Owner of Sierra Six Media. Please welcome her fascinating career story 🌺

Share the story of how you first got into PPC?
I launched my first PPC campaign at 17! At a financial advisor based in Yorkshire where I did a summer internship. It was good fun. The cost per clicks were around £90 at the time, which was huge. It was a big responsibility for my first campaign.

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