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Maria Jose Gomez

Strategic Account Manager - Digital Marketer - PPC

PPC accounts managing experience with 6 figure number monthly budgets. PPC Planning, optimization & Media Strategic analysis. Improvement of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns (Increase conversions & lower CPA)

Fun fact

Maria graduated as a Fashion Designer.

Her Company

SMDigital Partners

It always starts with a great cup of coffee. Then, we listen. We ask questions. We seek to understand. We’re creatively bold, data always beats opinions, and we’re fanatical about driving results that raise eyebrows, generate smiles and create lasting partnerships.

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Interview with Maria Jose Gomez

Listen to our next fascinating woman’s career story straight from Colombia! Please welcome Maria Jose Gomez from SMDigital Partners!

I graduated as a Fashion Designer, and as soon as I finished university, I wanted to start working right away, (and needed). I don’t like to wait or lose time. But I wasn’t finding anything related to fashion, so I started looking into other possibilities, and someone I knew told me about a job opening in a digital marketing agency in Colombia (…)

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