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Priscilla Victorin

Digital Marketing Expert

Proud Florida Atlantic University graduate of 2005 with over 14 years of marketing experience. While my passion lies in paid search, I’m a fan of SEO, analytics, and most recently, graphic design.

Fun fact

When she was able to almost double the ROI in under a month just by making a few changes to the structure, she was strutting into that particular monthly meeting like Beyoncé.

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MKG Marketing

We help our clients get found through transparent, measurable digital marketing. As a values-driven organization, we take pride in being a fantastic agency to work at and a fantastic agency for our clients to work with.

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Interview with Priscilla Victorin

It’s so exciting to introduce our first amazing woman’s story in our industry!

Please welcome Priscilla and her story about her PPC career! 💖

Share the story of how you first got into PPC?
In my second job out of college, I was hired as an eCommerce specialist. I had the exposure but not the expertise and jumped right in. (…)

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